PMO Fast Track

PMO Fast Track is a lean method for project and portfolio management. This method was developed to coach, monitor and improve our clients project management practice to achieve quick results at low cost. Its purpose is to introduce the operational philosophy in your projects’ administration and control, providing the visibility and transparency of the events in a simple, easy and accessible way to everyone.



The Burndown goal is to make the flight happen as close as possible to the plan so that, whenever a problem arises, the deviation is identified and corrected in time.


Risk Management

The Risk Module facilitates and automates the process of risk management, providing support to decision-making and facilitating the development of strategies to control and minimize the risks to acceptable levels by the organization.


Discussion Forum

The Discussion Module is a dynamic space which allows the project members to communicate with each other.



The Dashboard module has two panels of information: a calendar and an activity list. After logged in, the authorized user is directed to this module, where it will be possible to find his tasks organized by date, providing a quick weekly view of what to do.



The Portfolio Module lists all the existing projects in the PMO’s workgroup, including a summary information of the projects main indicators.



The tasks or activities are the smallest level of control in a project. Ideally, the activities should not exceed 80 hours. If there are long activities, they should be decomposed into smaller, more manageable pieces, until they have an extension which allows weekly or biweekly monitoring.


File Repository

The file storage module allows you to attach files to your project or to your task.


Progress Management

The Progress Management Module allows the project members to report how many hours they have worked in each activity.


Change Management

The Change Management module, or Change Request Module, allows on-screen change control and workflow for change approval. The portfolio manager can choose wich projects to lock for changes, and then open for changes upon project manager request and correspondent sponsor or managemer approval.

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PMO Fast Track pode ser para uso individual ou corporativo. Confira uma demonstração gratuita. Comece o seu PMO hoje mesmo: baixo custo com resultados rápidos. Simples e eficaz!

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PMO Fast Track puede ser utilizado por individuos y corporaciones. Comprobelo con un demo gratuita. Comience su PMO hoy: bajo costo con resultados rápidos. Simple y eficaz!

Instrucciones y el apoyo en Español disponible a través de e-mail. Documentación en Español estará disponible próximamente.


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PMO Fast Track can be used by individuals and corporations. Check a free demo. Start your PMO today: low cost, quick results. Simple and affective!

English instructions and support available through e-mail. Documentation in English will be available soon.